What does yoga teach you?

This post is a little different from our usual yoga posts. It’s less about what the different poses have taught us, and more about what yoga itself has actually taught us.
It’s really tough to write about what yoga teaches you, because it changes everything – from the way you look at your own life to the way you move through it. This week, we chose vulnerability and the courage that you find once you allow yourself to just be in that space.

Its weird, to think of vulnerability and courage as being even remotely related, and yet they are two sides of the same yoga mat.

What does yoga teach you?

What does yoga teach you?

Our immediate response to vulnerability is an uncomfortable one. Pretty much no one wants to be made to feel vulnerable, ever. It means being overexposed and it’s thought of as a place of hurt and fear. Because your vulnerable, true self will somehow be inadequate. Real vulnerability is loving deeply without assurance of being loved back, it is constant kindness during pain and anger, it’s being open and whole hearted with massive exposure to the softest part of our soul, it’s on a yoga mat. Somehow, that little mat lets you (and maybe even forces you a little) to just be with yourself. We live such fast paced lives, constantly rushing from one thing to the next that we brush aside things we shouldn’t. We put a filter on the photo and upload it and hope for all the notifications to roll in and make us feel better.

Vulnerable is telling a girl she’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, not knowing if you’ll get slapped or kissed. Its loving a boy with your whole heart, letting him know your whole soul, with the chance that he could break both into a thousand pieces. Truthfully it’s showing your deepest depth to the world and knowing that it’s enough and it’s worthy. It’s sitting in camel pose even though your heart hurts like hell.

What does yoga teach you?

What does yoga teach you?

Paradoxically, courage is bravery, honesty and strength. It takes a whole load of courage to let yourself feel vulnerable. That’s courage, that’s strength. It’s trying to do an arm balance, falling on your face, taking a breath and starting again. It lets you connect deeply to people, it makes you kinder to yourself knowing your worthiness and kinder to others believing in theirs, it makes you more loving because you’re loving with your genuine self and whole heart. It makes you authentic, to stop trying to be everything you think you should be and embracing your raw, vulnerable self for what it is.

Your vulnerability is what makes you who you are, and that is the most beautiful part of all. It takes strength to feel insecure and unsafe, but it’s also the only place for everything to blossom. Courage to tell the story of who are with your whole heart is a vulnerable place, but it’s the birthplace of an honest, beautiful life. Find the courage to believe in your worth, to love deeply, to be endlessly kind, to be open and softhearted, to be authentic. Embrace feeling vulnerable and imperfect. Give the world all you’ve got because after all it’s all you have.

What does yoga teach you?What does yoga teach you?

What does yoga teach you?

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