Sir Fruit is #BetterThan…





When I was really little (and not so little… okay it still happens, so what) my mom used to cut up fresh mangoes and give me the pip to suck on. Invariably more juice ends up dripping down my elbows and onto my feet than actually making it’s way into my mouth, but you can’t have everything in this life and grace while sucking a mango pip continually eludes me.


Their juices are pulp based, and made from actual fruit which is not always a given when it comes to fruit juice in this life. I am going to be playing around with these flavours but so far I can tell you that the Strawberry makes a great addition to a smoothie and I do forsee a mango slushy in my future – just saying. Also. They are both a delightful time when sipped ice-cold on a hot day.


So the lovely people over at Sir Fruit have asked me to run a competition for them where you can stand to win a month’s supply of Sir Juice for yourself. I’m usually not entirely into this sort of thing, and I only ever work with brands that I actually like and I have to admit that I really do like their juices… and so it would appear, does my cat.



Although he did enter full Diva mode not 30 seconds into me trying to shoot the juices.


But back to the competition.

The rules are as follows:
1. Hop onto the Twitter and tell me what you think Sir Fruit is #BetterThan.
2. The most creative and out-of-this-world “so good, it’s better than..” will win your reader a months’ supply of Sir Fruit goodness.
3. Make sure you tag @SirFruit_ and me @domandrea in your entry.
4. Don’t forget the hashtag.
5. HAVE FUN WITH IT. Seriously.

The competition ends on 30 November and entrants must be based in CT, JHB or Durban.

If I was entering, I’d have to go along the lines of @SirFruit_ is #BetterThan watching a T-Rex trying to do a chataranga (a fancy yogi version of a pushup). But hey, that’s just me.


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