Activewear, activewear… chilling all day in my activewear

Hi all you Wonderful Humans!

Wow I’ve missed you, and this… it’s been a completely inappropriate amount of time since I last posted. I’ve been wanting to get back into it and kind of freaking myself out about doing so because I just have ALL the things to write about and I don’t even know where to start. The past few months have been some of the biggest months of my life (I mean I opened a yoga studio with my Best Friend, who does that even?) But more on that later.

It is officially our first #WedZENday back and Ellen and I couldn’t think of a better way to get back into it than to write a post in honour of one of the best Active Wear Brands out there – Lorna Jane.

Now, I must be honest before becoming a yoga teacher (I mean still, WTF, how is that real) I would find any excuse to remain in my active wear all day.

I mean I was pretty much one of these chicks…

Active Wear all day

I mean.. I’m not saying this is me as a little pipinana but…

Active Wear

… I’ll allow you to draw your own conclusions.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know how I feel about the importance of opaque yoga pants – because as radical as it sounds non-see-through yoga pants are not actually a given in this life. When it comes to Active Wear, Lorna Jane has always been the unicorn of Active Wear for me. I mean, seriously, what’s not to love about this?

Wild Thing in Lorna Jane South Africa

Wild Thing in Lorna Jane South Africa

But now that I am not doing nothing in my Active Wear I have fallen in love with Lorna Jane ALL OVER AGAIN.

Not only is everything beautiful and high quality, but they completely have your back (side literally covered) in poses like this…

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Or this..

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Wild Thing in Lorna Jane South Africa

PS.. This is Lexi, my beautiful business partner (but more on that in a later post).


But more important (in my mind anyway) than what these clothes look like, these clothes make you feel good when you wear them. Not only do they hold all the bits in place wonderfully, but the clothes actually fit incredibly. The waist band stays where it needs to be, as will your crop. I firmly believe with my whole heart that exercise is something that you do because you love yourself, and not because you are trying to punish yourself. I used to go to gym in old, scrappy, baggy shirts and holy shorts because (quite honestly) I didn’t want to be there.

Splurging a little bit and treating yourself to Active Wear that honestly makes you feel good while you’re wearing it makes all the difference in the world – and that’s before you have even exercised. If you go out for a nice meal (treat yo’self) or the movies with a friend (again, treat yo’self) you dress the part, so why not treat exercise the same way? Exercise and move your body in a way that makes you feel good and treat it as a date with yourself. 

Activewear ALL DAY

And Ellie agrees..

Being a full time yoga teacher and living an active lifestyle, it means I am in workout clothes from 5am till 8pm with little time to change from one sweaty outfit to the next. Over the last couple months I have been filling my cupboard with all the Lorna Jane goodness and I now wont wear anything less.

Photo 2016-08-31, 2 45 34 PM

Ellen by Niki Van Velden

Yoga means a lot of upside down, a lot of legs in the air and a lot of intricate and exposing positions. Without being too frank, the last thing you need is tights that don’t do their covering up job in a downward dog or a bra that doesn’t hold everything in place in a handstand. Only after wearing Lorna Jane, I realized how little support the other brands were giving me and how flattering support actually looks. LJ has designed their brand to be feminine but strong and I feel so confident and inspired working out in their active wear. It’s all so comfortable and the quality is just so damn good. Before I used to rush home to get out of my tights, fight taking the sports bra off and right into my track pants and oversized tee, now I only get out of LJ because after a day full of yoga a shower is absolutely necessary.

Ellen by Niki Van Velden

Ellen by Niki Van Velden


Having said that, as much as I fell in love with almost every item in the store, I fell in love with their bigger picture. I feel a kind of synchronicity with the brand and their motto – “move.nourish.believe.” Teaching yoga, I teach people to move, to breathe, to feel comfortable in their own skin, to feed the soul and physical being with only goodness and above all self-acceptance, self-love and unquestionable self-belief. By wearing Lorna Jane I don’t just feel I am gaining physical support and comfort, I feel like I am synchronized with something I stand for with my whole being. Lorna Jane Clarkson started Lorna Jane on her own in 1990 and I doubt she could have comprehended the magnitude of her brand in the years to come. Doesn’t that just give all your dreams so much warmth and hope?

Photo 2016-08-31, 2 45 27 PM

Why wouldn’t you, on your own, do what you do dream of doing and be who you dream of being? And why wouldn’t we?


Lorna Jane = the ultimate treat yo’self. 

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