Simple ways to stay grounded (especially when life just does life as only it can do)

Happy #WedZENday and yoga post day to all you wonderful humans. Staying grounded in all of the crazy is something that we have both been struggling with of late. I hope that you find something in here.
Staying grounded with yoga - My Bread and Almond Butter

Staying grounded – My Bread and Almond Butter

I strongly believe in energies and as a friend once said, “energies have a whole language of their own, don’t you think?” I have found that I live by energies. I make friends through energies and feel through energies in pretty much all areas of my life. Energies and intuition. If you’re connected to yourself and the energies around you, intuition is easy. I also believe in the moon. I believe that it affects us far greater than a lot of us would like to believe. If the moon can govern the whole ocean and its tides, why would it not be able to govern the emotions of a body made up of 75 percent water?

And then there’s the two combined. Your energies, the mass of energies in your yoga class, his energies, their energies. We get caught up. Energies run with emotions, sometimes it’s hard to stand your ground and not take on other people’s shit as your own and feel it all with them. Ironically, being connected can cause us to disconnect from ourselves. Combine that with the moon (I feel like every week there is always some red or new moon), which can often bring such strong emotion with very little understanding as to why, we become over emotional.

Lost in the mass of energies, moons, emotions, our hardships, loved one’s hardships, relationships and their absence, lifestyles and life lessons, we stop being grounded. Don’t take on too much of what isn’t yours and when you feel like you’ve slipped, reconnect to yourself in whichever method makes you feel grounded again. Every single thing on planet earth is made up of energy, from the furniture to human interaction and with a 75 percent chance that the moon is going to affect how you’re feeling. That’s a lot to handle.

Don’t lose your footing. Be kind to yourself, let go and find what it is that keeps you grounded.


The last few weeks have been utterly mad and I have no idea why. I feel like every other person I talk to starts a sentence with ‘sorry I’m a nightmare life has just been crazy’ and it’s a real thing. I often feel like I’m just flapping around for no reason of my own and with absolutely no idea why I feel so absolutely loopy. We can call it energies or ‘vibes’ or the moon, the name doesn’t really matter because the effect exists regardless. Once you tune into it, and learn to listen to yourself you’ll notice that your body is feeding information back to you – about yourself and those around you- for the most part without you even noticing it’s happening. Think about it. Have you ever noticed how there are people in your life that leave you feeling utterly drained after even the smallest interaction? If you’re lucky there are people in your life that leave you feeling calmer or lighter than you did before. Maybe you catch yourself sitting at work with your shoulders hunched up so high they may as well be ear warmers when you are not really that stressed yourself. Or maybe that’s just me.

Lately there have been so many feels going around that aren’t mine to feel but somehow I end up feeling it anyway. I had a whole day of feeling all the things and not enjoying the feeling of the things and all I wanted to do was roll myself in my duvet, binge watch New Girl while simultaneously shoving as much nutella into my mouth in one go as possible. The last thing I wanted to do was yoga. The last thing I wanted to do was feel any-single-mother-effing-thing-more. I went to yoga with the idea that it would probably be a hopeless effort and I was fully prepared to spend my time alternating between child’s pose and savasana. I sat on my mat and I found my breath and my only intention for my practice was to focus on that. Breath in. Breath out. I was present. For a full 60 moments the only thing that existed was my mat and my breath and my body moving. The hardest part is not getting caught up in all of the things and the harder part still is pulling yourself back when you do. Yoga literally forces you to be present in this moment which is not something we are good at. We are such frenetic silly humans, our minds primarily occupy a space of anxiety about a completely uncontrollable future that is yet to come or sad about a past that cannot be changed. The purpose of yoga is to feel. To connect. It’s the entire reason you should be getting on your mat.

Whatever it is that grounds you – do that. Make a cup of tea, speak to your person, take yourself for a walk, roll out your mat. Be kind to yourself. When life charges in like a bull in a china shop step aside and allow yourself to find some moments for yourself. Connect.

Staying grounded with yoga - My Bread and Almond Butter

Staying grounded with yoga – My Bread and Almond Butter

Sometimes all it takes is your breath to ground you. That’s it. Breath. Take a few moments, close your eyes and breathe. Just breathe.


WearingLorna Jane SA

Mats by Sentiens Yoga

Photo credit: Niki Van Velden



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