A little thing called trust.

This post isn’t the usual yoga pose post. This post isn’t about how to touch your toes, or how to do a handstand. This post is about something that Yoga teaches you about life. This post is about Trust. Such a fickle little thing isn’t it. A strange concept the more you think about it and yet, it is something that is linked to everything that we do in life. If you have been wondering where Ellie and I have been lately, or if you have have been missing our usual yoga posts – I’m sorry. Life has been happening. For both of us. Big Life. Not little day-to-day life, but the Life that sort of seems to pull the carpet out from under your feet kind of Life. Although, to be honest, it kind of seems like almost everyone around us seems to be going through big, “life is happening in the realest kind of way” moments lately.

This next part is Ellen, with a little bit of me in the mix.

Often, it seems like we try too hard to find explanations for what really is inexplicable. Tragedies, illness, affairs, loss and heartache all bring great disappointment and hurt. We wonder why bad things happen to good people, why good things happen to bad people and why sometimes nothing happens at all. The thing is, the answer doesn’t lie in questioning; it lies somewhere in trusting that everything is happening as it supposed to. Each moment is accumulating into greater moments, to shape you into a certain person to do a certain thing, to love in a certain way, to have a certain effect. Moments that you feel are breaking you down are actually building you up. It’s a thousand spiderwebs drawn out in a map and the bad news is we don’t get a copy for the road.

This next part is all Ellen.

Something said “start yoga”. You can call it intuition, a calling, a deep-seated passion, an attempt to escape the mundane, coincidence, luck, or faith. Really, it’s just the universal plan. That’s exactly how it was meant to be, down to the moment, manner and timing. Especially timing. The mediocrities of each day that I thought were all just leading to another day filled with more mediocrities were all working towards that moment. Each decision and sidetrack in my life lead me to it. One simply would not have been, could not have been without the other. It’s like an overly intricate puzzle that probably can’t be solved. Yoga forced me to trust my universe. To trust that if I do what I love, with love, that big red flying hearts will be thrown back at me. Well they have and they are still coming. I decided to teach without an attachment to the outcome and the lifestyle it could provide me with and everything that has happened to me has landed in my lap; opportunities, people, ideas. I trusted my universe; I trusted that I would be supported if I followed the real reason I am here. Tragedy is still happening in great doses, but it all comes with purpose and I am learning to trust that too. Tap into intuition, listen only to your gut and do whatever it is that you love, that which makes you love and whatever makes you happy. Do it and trust that whatever is needed will come your way. If you are on the right path, how could the right things not happen?

…and now it’s me again.

Ellen is a whole lot better at this whole trust thing than I am. I think I am still learning it, and trying to get to grips with it. If I’m honest, it’s been a really weird year for me. Everything that I was convinced would happen, didn’t. All the things that I had planned, definitely didn’t work out. And as I am writing this post I am sitting in a sea of boxes, moving out of the flat I was convinced we would live in for at least two more years. Let’s just say “Life Happened” to me this year and it went “Ha! LOLS” the entire way. I have learnt, though, that life will also continue to happen, regardless of how hard I fight to push it in a certain way. It will continue to hint subtly, or not so subtly, at things that are not meant for you. It will show you that there are things, people and experiences that have either served their purpose, or are no longer meant for you. It’s not a bad thing, even when it feels like it at the time. There is a lesson for us in everything that life brings our way, and even when it’s a shitty lesson (especially when it’s a shitty lesson), you just have to trust that it’s there because you need it to be there.

Acro Yoga Pose

Sometimes, things aren’t always simple….

Acro Yoga Pose

Sometimes, they look messy and they feel messy. Stretching you in ways you aren’t quite ready for, or comfortable with.

Acro Yoga Pose

But sometimes, you just have to trust that you will end up where you are meant to be. Even if it’s not where you thought you would be.

Trust that everything will be okay. Trust that you’re amazing, deserving and full of purpose. Trust that what is meant for you will find its way to you. Trust that everything is happening for a reason and that the bad is just preparing you for your next step. Trust your universe, it’s going to take you where you need to go. Most of all, trust yourself.

*Love and Light to Lorna Jane SA for our yoga gear and Sentiens for the Yoga Mats*

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