Inspiring Yogi’s You Should Be Following

There is quite a lot of interesting banter on the Facebook and the Internet about people posting their yoga pictures. Since my first blog post on yoga, and what it means to me I’ve noticed it more and more. Social Media has made it easier for us to connect with other people than ever before. It has also made it easier to project an image of ourselves than ever before. It has made it easier to filter, select and re-touch the parts that we want to share. Only the best parts of our lives make the cut and we leave the real stuff on our side of the screen. Ellen and I decided that this week, we wanted to introduce you to some of the incredible yogis who have inspired us by sharing their journeys with the world.

This is Rachel Brathen.

Image courtesy of Rachel Brathen

Image courtesy of Rachel Brathen

Rachel Brathen or @yoga_girl was our first yogi love. Completely new to yoga and Instagram, she was the first yogi either of us followed. It was the first time we felt what it was to be completely inspired. We tagged each other in her posts almost daily. Apart from her (obviously) beautiful yoga, she is just completely real. Every single post is soulful and honest. We have been brought to tears reading a single paragraph on our iPhone screens, written by a girl we’ve never met halfway across the world, about an experience or feeling we know nothing about. Some people just touch hearts. Rachel swears, drinks cocktails, eats cake, saves the ocean and stray dogs all at once, on top of being one of the world’s most inspiring yogis. She is all about being anything and everything you want to be. Practicing yoga doesn’t mean you don’t have to fit a mould; it’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. It’s about being authentically you and she’s taught me that.

This is Duncan Peak.

Image courtesy of Duncan Peak

Image courtesy of Duncan Peak

Duncan Peak or @yogidunx is nothing short of phenomenal. If there were any dream you could ever dream, it would be to shift the world like this guy. To teach yoga to thousands of people all at once on a massive stage, under the stars, on a white sandy beach with enough energy and love to last a lifetime. Duncan Peak has created a concept of modern yoga, which has allowed yoga to evolve along with the rest of us. By allowing hardship and pain to teach him lessons, he allowed for his softened, wiser heart to open up to the rest of the world. Eternally grateful and eternally inspired.

This is Stephanie Birch.

Image courtesy of Stephanie Birch

Image courtesy of Stephanie Birch

You know how sometimes you look at a photo of something, and you just sort of can’t deal with how beautiful it is? That’s what @stephynow’s entire Instagram feed is like. There is something about her photos that are completely enchanting. Obviously, she inspires with her practice and with the sheer beauty of her poses, but more so because she shows that yoga is more than just an Instagram photo. Her honesty and the words in her captions are what make her exceptional. She is raw, and real and graceful and beautiful and so is everything she stands for. It’s funny how someone halfway around the world can affect and inspire with a single photo and some thoughtful, heartfelt words. I (Dom) actually started crying when she liked one of my photos.

This is Morgan.

Image courtesy of the southern yogi

Image courtesy of The Southern Yogi

We have been following @The_Southern_Yogi since the early days of her deciding to share her yoga practice on Instagram. What inspires us the most about her is her growth and how far she has come since she started. She reminds us that we all have to start somewhere, and that an unwavering passion for what you are doing is the best foundation to build your life on. There is something so peaceful about her posts, and something so beautifully strong and sincere about her practice. (Her dogs are also pretty damn cute).One of her posts, about loving the body you are given, really stuck with both of us and it was funny because even though Ellen and I live in different cities, we had both commented on the same post – almost at the same time.

We could have gone on with this list, because there really are SO many inspiring yogi’s out there. To all of you, thank you for inspiring us with your practice, and more importantly with your honesty. 

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