Sweet Berry Omelette

This healthy sweet berry omelette recipe is one of my latest breakfast addictions. I know you might think that a sweet (sugar-free) omelette might be a weird thing to eat, but I challenge you to think about what people thought of the first person who decided to eat an egg, and just give this healthy treat the benefit of the doubt. I go through these phases where I find one thing I like and try to find as many reasons as possible to eat that one thing. Obsession of the month goes to the sweet berry omelette. It is so delicious and nutritious it will make you feel like you are doing well for yourself the minute you decide to make it for brekkie. It is also ridiculously simple and quick to make and the only ‘fancy’ ingredient it needs is psyllium husks. The ironic part of this whole post situation is that I am horrendously bad at making savoury (or any) omelettes. In fact, Omellette making is a life skill that Hulk could put on his CV if things got really dodgy in the working world. I don’t know what is wrong with me but as soon as it comes time to flip it I go into a mild state of panic and it always ends up with a good portion of the omelette getting out of the frying pan and into the fire (by fire I mean stove-top, floor and shoes). I’m getting better with each omelette, though, and the great thing is even if it looks like a dog-show, it will never taste like one.

Free Range Eggs on food blog Cape Town

Guess where these eggs have gone…

Ingredients: 2 eggs (free range) 1Tbsp Psyllium husks A dash of milk (whatever kind you’re into, lactose-free, almond-milk, rice-milk, water-milk… whatever) Coconut Oil to cook it in Cinnamon to taste (about 1 tsp should do it) Handful Berries (your taste preferences and bank balance come into play here) Honey/Stevia to sweeten Nut butter to serve (optional, but not really)

Ingredients for  sugar-free Sweet Berry Omelette on food blog Cape Town

Ingredients for sugar-free Sweet Berry Omelette

Method: 1. Crack the eggs into a container and whisk them up as you would if you were making a regular omelet. And heat up your pan 2. Add the psyllium husks and the cinnamon and whisk again. 3. Pour the mixture into your pan, and then throw in some of the berries. Doing this means they will heat up a bit as the omelette cooks and they’ll become all gooey and oozy and delicious. Watch the omelette like a hawk, and look for the little bubbles that means it has started to cook on the other side. A good trick is to use your spatula to pull the omelette edges away from the pan and tip it so more of the runny part gets to edges to cook. Don’t just favor one edge, you might tip the pan too far, and yes, this might have happened to me. 4. The way Jessica Sepel cooks it is to flip the entire omelette so that its like a pancake, rather than folding it. Once both sides are cooked, you slide it elegantly onto a plate, spread the nut butter and honey on one half and put berries on the other. Fold it over, and voila, it should look like this picture. 5. I need to note that this is the one time I got it right. Again, the blame for this definitely lies with me, and the issues that I have with coordination. It is probably connected to my inability to play tennis in some way, but I’m not sure. Anyway… if your step 4 doesn’t quite work out just spread the nut butter and honey on the top, the berries on top of that and keep the spatula handy for anyone who tries to chirp you about it.

Sweet Berry Omelette, my obsession of the month

I mean look how good that looks (claps hands)

Full credit for this recipe goes to Jessica Sepel, you can find the recipe without my anecdotal failings at making omelettes here. This is a really delicious way to eat eggs, especially if you have a little bit of a sweet tooth or are just a bit tired of normal eggs. Writing this post had made me rather egg-cited (should I be doing less with that one?) to make this for my own Sunday morning Brekkie.

Free range eggs on food blog Cape Town

Getting artistic with my egg shots here 😉

There are a whole lot of these healthy omelette recipes floating around pinterest, and making this will make you feel like you fit right in with a pinterest worthy healthy breakfast idea. If you have tried it, please let me know how yours turned out on a scale of 1-masterchef omelette maker?

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