OMG you have to try… Bootlegger Coffee Company

Oh my gosh you have to try this place I went to…

Bootlegger Coffee Company, Sea Point, Cape Town.

You can find Bootlegger Coffee Company in Seapoint, on Regent Road (that’s the one where you basically stay on main road and it turns into Regent Road). Yes, if you are feeling lazy it is sort of out of the way if you are in town or the southern suburbs BUT the way I see it a little drive along the promenade ‘never killed nobody'(cue: Great Gatsby theme music). I can’t exactly tell you why I do this but one of the things that I judge a new food spot on is how cool their lights are. For some completely inexplicable reason I always seem to trust new places that have really cool lights, and Bootlegger Coffee Company is definitely one of the places that lives up to its lighting set up and electrical work

Bootlegger Coffee Company in Seapoint, Cape Town

Pretty great view- Bootlegger Coffee Company in Cape Town

.One of the only reasons I discovered it was because we were looking for somewhere to go for breakfast on a Sunday morning; and for some reason, which makes no sense to me, most breakfast places in Cape Town seem to think that people don’t want to eat breakfast on Sundays. Bootlegger seemed to be such a rare find: somewhere that claimed it was open for breakfast on a Sunday, in Cape Town, serving actual food, that I admit I had to call in just to make sure it wasn’t a typo. The manager answered my question with “If we are paying rent on a Sunday, we are open on a Sunday”. I must say this is the sort of logic which makes a whole lot of sense; not only to my inner Joburger but to my tummy as well.

Eggs Benedict with salmon on Rye bread, served with a drizzle of pesto around the side.

Eggs Benedict with salmon on Rye bread, served with a drizzle of pesto around the side.

The food at Bootlegger is, quite simply, delicious and I have been there more often than I think it is socially appropriate for me to admit. I am not going to say that I haven’t eaten breakfast there and then stayed long enough to eat lunch as well, because if there is one thing I have learnt from Harry Potter and Pinocchio (hashtag nerd) it is that telling lies is generally frowned upon. Not only do they have an amazing set breakfast menu, they also have a build-your-own breakfast menu so that you are guaranteed to get exactly what you want. This means there is no awkward “we don’t do exchanges” followed by a “we will have to charge you extra for that” from whoever is serving you. Their rye bread comes from Oumeul Bakery, they have an amazing selection of freshly pressed juices and their coffee is delicious. I am indecisive at the best of times and so, for me, their lunch menu is pretty much the dream and my worst nightmare all rolled into one. Delicious options (which come personally recommended) include the grilled calamari and the bun-less burger that comes with a poached egg on top (how’s that for protein, boet). Bootlegger also has some very wallet-friendly drink specials (alcoholic and caffeinated) running at different times during the day, a tapas style menu which runs from 4pm (it has jalapeno poppers on it… I mean really, what more could you ask for?) and they have quinoa (keeennwwwaa) in one of their salads.

Amazing freshly squeezed juice and a delicious Coffee at Bootlegger Coffee Company in Cape Town

Amazing freshly squeezed juice and a delicious Coffee at Bootlegger

It isn’t often that you find somewhere that is as great for breakfast as it is for lunch, happy hour, snacks, baked treats (including wheat-free crunchies) and that is also somewhere cosy to set up camp with your laptop. On top of having incredible, healthy, delicious food- their service is amazing to boot (ha, see what I did there?). They are open from everyday from 7:30 ‘till 11:45 (in the night time) and if I haven’t done a good enough job of convincing you to give this fine establishment a try then I should probably stop writing now. I will leave you with one last nugget of information: they have free Wi-Fi. In my opinion, Bootlegger Coffee Company is one of the best spots to eat breakfast in Cape Town, but honestly, it is pretty much one of my favourite places to go in Cape Town for whatever culinary treat I happen to be in the mood for.

Sneak Peak at the inside of the Bootlegger Coffee Company in Cape Town

Sneak Peak at the inside of the Bootlegger – see look how cool the lights are.

Where? Their main cafe is 39-41 Regent Road, Seapoint.
Expensive? For the quality of food- not at all. Really amazing value for amazing food, delicious coffee and great service. Try their beef fillet for under R100 if you don’t believe me.
What time do they open? 7:30 – 11:45 PM
Go there for? Breakfast on a Sunday or basically any day of the week, lunch, drinks, coffee, freshly pressed juices etc. Actually, I dare you to go there and find something you don’t love on the menu. *
Take-away or sit down? Most definitely sit-down because you won’t want to leave once you do.

*Bootlegger also has some festive specials on for the Soccer World Cup, especially if you are supporting Holland by the look of it.

Grilled Calamari and side salad at the Bootlegger in Cape Town

Grilled Calamari and a side salad – don’t know how those chips got there but they definitely didn’t last long;)

On a scale of “one“- “go there”: Aren’t you there already?

You can find Bootlegger Coffee Company on my list of the best spots in Cape Town here, or on the line here. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. For breakfast you can also try Haas in Rose Street, Bo-Kaap. Lovely breakfast in an art shop, and the coffee is great too.

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