My Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, But-Not-Taste-Free Muesli

Home-made muesli, Greek yoghurt, apple and raspberries.

Home-made muesli, Greek yoghurt, apple and raspberries.

One of my favourite healthy breakfast options has to be fruit, yoghurt and muesli. There was a time during my first year at UCT where a combination of Fedics and my complete and utter laziness made me more reliant on Woolworths Berry muesli than anyone should ever be. (By ‘a time’ I mean a whole semester, and by ‘reliant’ I mean I ate it for almost every single meal in my day and used my lunch vouchers to buy chewing gum.) Unlike Peter Pan I actually grew out of that phase of my life (well, sort of) and now it has become my go to breakfast (just breakfast) when I am uninspired to make anything else. It is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you eat the necessary amount of fruit servings per day, and if that doesn’t sell you – it is pretty much like having nature’s dessert for breakfast.

Green Apple and Raspberries

One whole green apple and a handful of raspberries

There is a little bit of a “but” that has to come in at this point because when I say muesli, I don’t mean just any old muesli. Aside from the fact that unless it specifically has a ‘gluten-free’ label slapped on it the majority of muesli will contain wheat and gluten, which for people like me, is really problematic and has the possibility of ruining ones day. The wrong muesli can also, very sneakily, contain more sugar than it seems as well as a host of other ingredients that I can even hope to pronounce. Nutritionally speaking if you are having fruit with this wrong type of muesli in the mornings you can also end up eating more carbohydrates than you should be for this meal. This is why I have been making my own muesli for the past year, and I have finally got to the point where I am happy with a recipe for it.


Green Apple and Rasberries AKA good carbs

In terms of yoghurt, I love Greek yoghurt. I could write a whole post about Greek yoghurt, but all you need to know is that on a scale of “1 to can’t even” I just can’t be dealing with eating any other type of yoghurt. So, for me, it is Greek yoghurt… always…only ever…no exceptions.

Apple, Raspberries and Greek Yoghurt

Chopped green apple, Raspberries and 2 tablespoons of Greek Yoghurt

This muesli is completely sugar-free, so it is absolutely delicious paired with pretty much any fruit, but my favorites include:
1 Apple or Pear
2-3 Small Plums or Kiwi fruits
1 Banana
1 cup of Raspberries, strawberries or “blueberries, blueberries you forgot the blueberries’’**

These are obviously personal preferences at this point, but whatever fruit you do choose shouldn’t be more than one serving.

My Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, But-Not-Taste-Free Muesli:

This is my gluten-free, sugar free, home made muesli

This is my gluten-free, sugar free, home made muesli


1 cup raw almonds
2 cups pumpkin seeds
1 cup sunflower seeds
3 cups (medium or fine) desiccated coconut
1 cup rolled oats*
½ cup sprouted buckwheat
1/3 cup melted coconut oil
Honey to taste (about ¼ of a bottle will do if you don’t have a massive sweet tooth)
Cinnamon to taste (my taste is almost a whole jar of it)
Ginger powder to taste

*You can very easily leave the oats out if you are wanting to make it completely carb-free to fit in with the Tim Noakes diet.

How to make healthy happen:

Preheat the oven to 200°C.

Prepare a baking tray for the muesli with some baking paper. Make sure that the baking paper is big enough to cover the bottom of the tray, but not so big that the edges flop over the sides of the tray because that will just be more admin.

Prepare a nice wide, clean section of counter-top with some more baking paper so that you can use this space for your muesli to cool.

Add all the dry ingredients, including the cinnamon and ginger if you are using it, into the biggest mixing bowl you can find and try and mix them together. If your coconut oil is still solid, pop it in a microwave proof container along with the honey for about 30 seconds or until you can see that it is completely liquid. Add this to the dry ingredients and mix it well. The entire mixture should look a little bit shiny, or oily but, at no point should the dry ingredients look like they are taking a swimming lesson. (Think of it like applying sunscreen to a non-Irish person.)

Spread the muesli mixture onto the baking tray in a thin layer, lower than the edge of the baking tray. You will notice that there is some extra muesli in your bowl; this is not one of those recipes where you make extra batter so that you can lick out the bowl. This is your second batch, so you will need to repeat the rest of this recipe again until its done.

Place it into the oven. If you are a nervous cook who checks the oven every few minutes just to make sure that whatever was in there hasn’t spontaneously burst into flames since the last time you checked it – then making this muesli may just be your life’s calling. If not, well, then you will need to check it every few minutes and turn it with a spatula, wooden spoon or ruler if you really don’t own anything else. You want your muesli to be a nice golden, toasted looking colour. Once you are happy with the colour take it out of the oven, and gently transfer the muesli off the tray and onto the counter for it to cool down.

Once the muesli is cool to the touch, pop it in a pretty glass jar or into a plastic Tupperware if you can find a lid, to store it.

This gluten free, sugar free muesli recipe honestly makes one of my favourite healthy breakfast options. It is ideal when I don’t have much time in the morning, and the smell of it baking will make your mouth water. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

7 thoughts on “My Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, But-Not-Taste-Free Muesli

  1. Dom! I have recently been trying to revolutionise my eating habits, but muesli, yogurt and fruit is such a weakness for me and I haven’t been able to cut it out even though I know muesli can actually be really fattening.
    This muesli recipe is the answer to my predicament! Thank you so much, so excited to try it out!

    (Love the blog, congrats!)

  2. Dom- your blog is both brilliant and hilarious. “Applying sunscreen to a non-Irish person” is by far the best descriptor of wet/dry consistency I have heard in ages- such a giggle.

    Keep it up you clever sausage xxx

  3. The sweet smells of your delicious muesli baking in the oven are filling the whole treehouse with happiness on this cold rainy night.

    Very proud of you Domi xxx

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